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Bajo Quintos and Bajo Sextos

Bajo sexto (Spanish: "sixth bass") is a Mexican string instrument from the guitar family with 12 strings in six double courses. In playing, the left hand holds the strings against frets on a fingerboard, while the right hand plucks or strums the strings. When played in older styles of music where the instrument assumes the role of a bass, the strings are usually plucked with the fingers. In modern chordal and melodic styles, a pick is frequently used.

A close relative to the bajo sexto, the bajo quinto is a bassy Mexican folk instrument that has its roots in the 17th century. Literally translated to “fifth bass” or “low five,” the bajo quinto is a Mexican folk instrument. It looks like a large guitar, but instead of featuring six strings, it has five doubled courses of strings or a total of ten strings. It is likely derived from the Italian chitarra battente, a baroque-era guitar.

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H. Jimenez LBQ1ENM  Quinto w/Bag Natural Mahogany
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Hohner #LBQ1E
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Lucida LGBQ1E A/E Bajo Quinto w/ 4-band Eq
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Lucida LGBS1E Bajo Sexto
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