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Melhart Music has been the back bone of the Rio Grande Valley Music Community for forty years, and Melhart continues to understand the needs of our music community. 

Melhart has the most complete repair facilities in South Texas that not only includes band instrument repair, but also includes repair on violin and orchestra instruments, amplifiers, electronics, guitars, other fretted instruments, PA systems and all other musical equipment. Melhart Music goes far beyond the typical music store, and has one of the only full line service and sales facility in the state. 

It is no wonder that Melhart has consistently been named in the Monitor poll for many years as the Best Music Store in McAllen.


Melhart Music Center is the leading innovator of rental purchase plans in Texas. Melhart Music has introduced the leading brands of music instruments in the Rio Grande Valley and continues to be the leader in musical instrument brand inauguration in the Rio Grande Valley and in Texas. Melhart is the leader in service for band and orchestra instruments as well as electronic and stringed instruments. No where else in Texas and most of the United States will you find such dedication from personnel who are committed to making sure that your musical experience can be as good as you want it to be. Melhart Music Center is a Rio Grande Valley tradition and is the longest operating full music store in South Texas.


Returnable anytime, 100% of rent applies toward rental or step up instruments. Rental agreements are registered with the Department of Licensing and Regulation. Instruments are Band Director Approved Name Brand Instrument. Melhart is unsurpassed in the Rio Grande Valley.

  • Rio Grande Valley's only authorized Yamaha dealer
  • McAllen's only Authorized Gemeinhardt dealer
  • McAllen's only authorized Vic Firth dealer
  • McAllen's only authorized Pearl dealer
  • Rio Grande Valley's only authorized Adamson dealer
  • McAllen's only authorized Buffet dealer
  • Melhart is also an authorized dealer for Bach, Selmer, Normandy, Armstrong, King, Conn, and many other instrument brands.


Renting from Melhart Music Center offers unique advantages that set us apart:

  • Equity Retention: If your child decides to change instruments, you retain the equity you've paid. This ensures that your investment in music education stays with you.
  • Rent Credit Towards Pro Instruments: Use your accumulated rent credit towards the MSRP of a professional-grade instrument, allowing your budding musician to explore higher-quality options.
  • Flexible Return Policy: Return your rental instrument at any time with our month-to-month rental option. Enjoy the freedom to adapt to your child's evolving musical interests.
  • Financial Flexibility: Benefit from our 90 days same as cash policy and early cash pay-off options, providing financial flexibility for your instrument rental.
  • Comprehensive Service Policy: Our service policy covers instrument damage without a deductible. Any repairs needed to maintain playing condition are covered, ensuring your child's instrument is always in top shape.
  • Replacement Policy: In the unfortunate event of loss by fire or theft, our replacement policy ensures that your child will receive an instrument of the same age.

Early Cash Pay Off
Service Policy covers instrument damage with out deductible*

  • Covers any repairs to put instrument in playing condition.
  • If not, the instrument will be replaced with one of the same age.  

Replacement Policy*

  • Replaces instrument if burned or stolen with one of the same age.

Auto Pay with bank or credit card*
Repair Loaner available*
Upgrade instrument and get full equity credit*
*Some conditions apply, come into Melhart Music Center for complete details

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Once you've made an online account and we've linked your rental account to it you can pay and view your payment history online. Please make a account and request access by clicking to make a payment we will receive the request please include all the information asked so that we can grant access. If you are not given access within two business days please give us a call.