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Melhart Music Center offers a wide selection of hand-crafted guitarrones from luthiers such as José Juan Hernández and Salvador Hernández. We acquire their guitarrones directly from their luthier shops in Nuevo León, México.

The Guitarrón is a large bass guitar. Guitarrón translates to large guitar – the suffix means big or large. It has 6 strings – 3 that are nylon wound with a nylon monofilament core or nylon fibers, and 3 that are steel, bronze or copper wound with a single steel string core.

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Hernandez Deluxe Guitarron
Regular Price: $1,390.00
Our Price: $875.00
Hernandez JJ Guitarron - 1/2 Size w/ Bag #ISI1178
Regular Price: $925.00
Our Price: $595.00
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